Waterproofing services

Waterproofing is a process where patios, balconies, roofs and bathrooms are protected against water damage. We also provide bathtub removal services.

Waterproofing is important in areas with moisture in the atmosphere. Waterproofing issues can cause cause your tiles to pop or crack. When this happens, the water accumulated over time will worsen. A simple way to check if its time for you to redo your waterproofing is when mold can be seen.

As part of our waterproofing, we also provide bathtub replacement services. When replacing a bathtub area to a shower area, waterproofing usually needs to be redone. However, this will roughly take about one week depending on the condition of the area.

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Kovan Condo Balcony Waterproofing

Waterproofing services

Traditional Waterproofing

Hacking of tiles are required. This type of waterproofing is will take the longest to complete approximately two weeks. This is suitable for when a large number of the tiles are cracked and popping.

Flooding Waterproofing

An element is flooded on top of the existing flooring. This solution will cover the existing flooring. This is best for when the tiles are not popping.

Nano Spray Waterproofing

No hacking is required. Suitable option when waterproofing issue is detected early. The original flooring/wall will remain the way it is. A clear solution will be sprayed over the current area.

Bathub removal services

Looking to remove your bathtub and converting it to a standing shower area? Our price for this service includes bathtub removal, proper disposal of bathtub, retiling of the area to convert it to a standing shower area and shower fixtures with full panelled glass door!

Our price for this service is for a standard HDB bathroom size. Enquire with us today!



For this client at Kovan Residences, we had to do traditional waterproofing where hacking of tiles were required. This was so as the tiles of the balcony were popping up.

Past Renovations

Bathroom Nano-Waterproofing Application at Yishun

Balcony Waterproofing at Kovan Residences

Past Renovations

Bathroom Nano-Waterproofing at Yishun

Balcony Waterproofing at Kovan Residences