Types of Singapore Waterproofing Services

Everybody mentions waterproofing for your home; be it your bathroom or balcony but what exactly is waterproofing for? Waterproofing is the process of making a surface in your home water-resistant or waterproof. This protects the surface from being damaged when exposed to harsh elements such as heavy rain or water leakage. In turn, this will prevent cracks from forming, tiles from popping up, paint from peeling and development of mould.

Waterproofing is often overlooked as it is a ‘behind-the-scene’ process that does not have a direct impact on the look of your home renovations. However, waterproofing is extremely important as it will benefit everyone staying in the home. On top of this, extensive water damage due to poor waterproofing can affect the value of your home. When done right, waterproofing can can extend the longevity of your expensive home renovations.

ilet Waterproofing Services

ilet offers three different type of waterproofing services depending on the problem area and extent of damage. These solutions are available at different price points. To learn more about the different waterproofing services offered, keep reading!

Flooding Waterproofing

Flooding waterproofing can be applied when there are visible cracks with no popping up tiles. For this type of waterproofing, a solution will be be poured over the affected area. This solution will then be the new flooring. This method of waterproofing will ensure that water damage will not spread or affect your home any longer.

Nano Spray Waterproofing

Nano spray waterproofing is possibly the easiest and fastest waterproofing solution available in the market today. A clear solution is applied to the affected walls or flooring thus maintaining its existing look and design. However, this method of waterproofing can only be applied if the damage is detected early.

Traditional Waterproofing 

Traditional waterproofing generally requires the hacking of tiles. Many homeowners tend to avoid this option due to the lengthy nature that can take up to two weeks. However, this method of waterproofing is essential for those whose tiles are cracking and popping up. This indicates that water has seeped through the layers below the tiles.

We previously completed a 60 square metre balcony waterproofing at a ground floor condo unit in Singapore. The tiles in the balcony were starting to crack and was popping up. This method of waterproofing ensured that the homeowners could enjoy the use of their balcony without any worries.

To read more about the renovation process: https://www.ilet.sg/large-balcony-waterproofing/

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