Types of Flooring | Vinyl Flooring Installation at Citadines Singapore

There are various types of floorings you can choose for your home depending on your needs and budget. For some, it can even be for simpler maintenance while looking modern and fresh. We recently assisted a Citadines Apartment in Singapore to replace their aged carpet for vinyl flooring. This gives the apartments a fresh new look while also making it easier for cleaning and long term maintenance. 

Similar to other types of flooring such as laminate or porcelain tiles, there is a huge variety of design available for vinyl flooring. Besides the different colours, vinyl flooring is also available in a range of thickness.  In general, thinner vinyl floorings are more susceptible to warping due to heat over time. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best quality vinyl flooring to suit your needs. It is also important to look at the vinyl material test reports to ensure they are certified, non-toxic and do not have VOC. Most importantly, a reliable contractor is needed do the installation work as hasty workmanship can cause premature gaps to form between the vinyl slaps. 

Post renovation – installed vinyl flooring
Post renovation – installed vinyl flooring at walkway
Before renovation – carpeted flooring

Misconceptions of Vinyl Flooring

  • The look of vinyl flooring will fade over time

Due to heavy usage of foot traffic in living areas, many believe that the top layer of vinyl flooring will fade as time goes on. However, vinyl flooring these days are engineered well and come with a protective and long lasting coating. This ensures that the look remains the same over time.

  • Vinyl flooring is slippery

In a household with elderly parents or young children, many believe that vinyl flooring will be too slippery when wet. This misconception that vinyl flooring is accident prone is false as it has similar qualities to other types of flooring such as porcelain tiles when wet. In some cases, vinyl flooring can provide even better resistance than other types of tiles. As an additional benefit, the soft nature of vinyl flooring provides a softer landing if accidents occur.

  • Vinyl flooring looks cheap

Today, there is a huge variety of vinyl flooring that can suit the different home themes you are going for. It is available in different designs such as hardwood, concrete, abstract and even tiled.

Vinyl Flooring Services at ilet

If you’re looking to get vinyl flooring for your home or office, look no further! We only provide high quality vinyl flooring with TUV test certification. They are non-toxic and free of VOC, giving you peace of mind for all ages to breathe in fresh air without the chemicals harming them. 

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