Vinyl Flooring Installation at Citadines Mount Sophia | 5 Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Is vinyl flooring durable? Is vinyl flooring cheap? Is vinyl flooring long-lasting? These are some common questions we’ve heard from clients before we renovate their home or office! Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first created, and in short, the answer to all these questions are “Yes!”. Vinyl flooring is not only affordable but it can also be durable and long-lasting.

We’ve recently completed vinyl flooring installation at Citadines, Mount Sophia, Singapore! The new vinyl flooring exudes a sense of comfort and home-away-from-home feeling for guests. As Citadines is a service apartment, this upgrade also greatly benefits guests. So what are the five benefits of vinyl flooring?

1. Affordable

Most importantly, vinyl floorings have much more affordable price points that other natural materials. Additionally, the labour cost is also lower for installation of vinyl flooring!

2. Easy Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is durable and easy to maintain! For homes with young children; who are prone to spills, vinyl flooring is the clear option. Spills are easy to wipe up and clean. Most spills also will not leave stains on the floor!

3. Exudes a Comfortable Feeling

Natural materials such as marble can be very hard on the feet, and not comfortable especially for the elderly. Vinyl flooring on the other hand can provide some ‘bounce’ depending on the thickness. This makes it pain-free for all!

4. Fast Installation

Installing vinyl flooring is simple as it requires no grouting! Preparation work is also generally quick. This allows contractors such as ilet to quickly install brand new flooring.

5. Variety of Designs

Vinyl flooring can provide a hardwood, tiled or marbled look. The variety of designs makes this a flexible option for all new homeowners.

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