Tips to Beat the Haze

Has the air been smelling weird to you? These past few weeks, you can smell the slight haze in Singapore. While it hasn’t been consistently bad, the smell can get uncomfortable. It also gets pretty annoying when the hazy burning smell permeates your home at night.

According to the ASMC, there are various smoke haze hotspots in Myanmar, Northern Cambodia, Northern Thailand and Laos. Furthermore, there are prevailing dry conditions over the Mekong sub-region. From the wind conditions image below, wind direction over the hazy and dry hotspots towards Singapore can be seen. This can bring about the hazy conditions that we have and could be facing in Singapore.

The wind direction towards Singapore could bring hazy conditions. Image from

Health Effects

If the hazy condition persists, the short term effects of haze on your health could be harmful. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to facing breathing difficulties because of the weather condition. Those with chronic lung diseases, heart diseases and pregnant women should also be more wary during hazy periods. This could worsen existing health conditions. For those who are healthy, you could still face some short time sickness such as irritated eyes, nose and scratchy throats. If the sickness persists, visit the doctor or stay indoors. The use of a face mask when going outdoors is also advisable.

Air Purifiers

Nothing is more frustrating when you’re at home and you can smell the hazy burning smell. To combat this, getting an air purifier for your home could be the way. At ilet, we provide an air purifier with multiple filtering systems. This system provides four layers of air filtration thus ensuring fresh clean air in your homes. The first layer is an anti-bacterially treated pre filter to target larger particles in the air such as pet hair. The second layer the is a “Formaldehyde killer’ to filter targeting dusts, allergens and tiny particles. With hazy conditions, this filter is great to tackle the problem in your home. A HEPA filter then targets smaller dust and tinier particles. This provides an additional filtration layer to combat the haze. Finally, an activated carbon filter is present to remove odour.

The air purifiers we offer are sleek and can go well with any home. It is also silent and reaches an area of 40 – 50 metre square. This makes it perfect for living areas. If you’re thinking of getting an air purifier from ilet to beat the haze in Singapore, drop us an enquiry or email us at

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