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With the current covid-19 situation, we understand that many are now working from home. With this, you will definitely be spending a lot more time at home and might be thinking of upgrading certain aspects of your home. A simple and quick way to do so is by installing SCDF Approved Smoke Detectors.

2019 Fire Statistics in Singapore

In 2019, the SCDF responded to 2862 fire calls, a 7.8% increase from the previous year. From this, 40.8% of the calls were due to fires on residential premises. The reason for the fire being unattended cooking, discarded items and household contents. While the number of unattended cooking cases has decreased as compared to 2018, it is still a worrying trend.

Fire calls in 2019

Another alarming trend are fires caused by PMD’s. The number of cases has increased by 96.2% to 102 cases in 2019. This an average of 8.5 cases a month! While this number might hopefully decrease this year due to stringent regulations concerning PMD’s (e-scooters, etc), it is important for all users to be aware of their batteries capabilities when charging. These PMD fires can cause serious harm and injury to your wellbeing and even your home. Additionally, a positive trend of PAB (power assisted bicycle) fires has been the decrease in number of cases from 22 cases in 2018 to just 13 in 2019! However, it is highly recommended that all users of PMD and PAB to practice extra caution when charging these devices.

PMD Fires

Charging Solutions

ilet provides an Alarm Relay attachment to our wireless SCDF approved smoke detector. This alarm relay which can be connected to automated home systems or charging areas will automatically cut the flow of electricity of the affected area when smoke is detected. This helps contain the spread of fire and will give you more time to react to the situation. Also, this alarm relay has a built in battery and will work 24/7 even during a power trip! SCDF Approved Smoke Detector + Alarm Relay

Alternatively, we also provide a standalone SCDF approved smoke detector. The PX-1 smoke detector comes with 10 years of battery life, 10 years of manufacturer warranty and it is easy to install! PX-1 SCDF Approved Smoke Detector

If you have any questions regarding your fire safety situation at home, do contact us at or fill up this service request form.

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