Simple Bathroom Upgrade | Bathtub Removal and Flooring Installation

Deciding to renovate can be a daunting process due to various factors, such as cost, time and more. Moreover, deciding on which parts of your home to renovate can make it even more confusing. Our homeowners opted to go for a bathroom renovation which included a bathtub removal, installation of new waterproofing and flooring! As the walls were still in good condition, we advised our homeowners to keep it intact. This not only saves cost, but it also cuts down on the renovation period.

Completed Bathtub Removal to Standing Shower Conversion

Bathtub Removal

While bathtubs can provide some much needed relaxation, it does take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Opting for a more spacious layout, our homeowners decided to convert the bathtub into a standing shower area. Depending on the condition of the flooring, the team at ilet can simply do the conversion without any need to repair the flooring.

New Waterproofing and Flooring Installation

We installed new waterproofing and tiled flooring for the homeowners. The team at ilet is well-experienced with installing waterproofing, which is extremely important to create a water barrier. Without proper waterproofing, issues such as cracked and popped up tiles could arise.

Besides hacking existing tiles, there are other types of flooring available which require no hacking. For instance, an epoxy flake flooring can be overlaid on existing flooring. Additionally, epoxy flake flooring is also anti-slip! This makes it a great option for homeowners with young children and elderly family members.

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