Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Door Replacement

Choosing a bathroom door can be confusing with the huge variety of bathroom doors available today. Besides your budget, another big factor you should consider is the type of bathroom door you need. Some popular options of bathroom doors are bifold, pd and wooden doors. While popular, each of these doors have its own sets of pros and cons. If you’re a current homeowner, you might be thinking of a bathroom door replacement.

Bifold Toilet Door

Bifold Door


  • Easy to use
  • Low cost option
  • Splash proof, will not corrode
  • Available in a variety of colours and options


  • Simple look
  • The rollers have a shorten life spend as compared to hinges

PD Toilet Door


  • No bottom track. This makes it a friendly, no hazard option to use for homes with kids and the elderly
  • Maximise space with the small swing radius
  • Many colours and pattern to choose from


  • Higher cost
  • Use of door is highly dependable on a plastic centre top catch for the swing and slide. If the catch is faulty, this could cause problems

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Wooden Toilet Door


  • Aesthetically pleasing. Bathroom doors will match seamlessly with bedroom doors
  • Doors can be painted or laminated
  • Longer life span as no roller mechanism is used


  • Shorter life span
  • Prone to corrosion due to moisture and water splashing if not well painted or maintained


For Current Homeowners

For current homeowners, there are certain reasons why you should consider changing your bathroom door. With space at a premium, your bathrooms could seem smaller especially when the door takes a large swing area. For more walking space in your bathroom, a bifold door is a great choice. As the door is foldable, it takes up a lesser swing area in your bathroom. This gives you more space for an extra storage area with shelves, towel rack or even just more walking space. This will definitely help in creating a larger feeling bathroom.

If you have a faulty door hinge that’s requiring too much effort to close the door, it’s also probably time for a change. While it might still be usable now, the condition of the door hinge will keep on getting worse with use over time.

Another sign that a replacement of some sort is required, is by looking at the door and the door frame. Due to wear and tear, your bathroom door frame can  get rusty over time. Besides looking unpleasing, this is a potential safety issue when left neglected.


Provided Services (DO-or Not Worry!)

At ilet, we provide a variety or services for your bathroom door replacement needs. We are able to provide supply and installation services for your door replacement needs. Also, if you’re looking to replace your rusty door frame, we provide full services for it. Our services at ilet include hacking out corroded door frame, removal of door, installation of new aluminium frame and door. Tile replacement is also included! As the “grip” of metal door frames are planted into the surrounding wall, when a corroded door frame is removed, it can cause the surrounding tiles to fall. A portion of your wall could even crash.

Installation of bifold door with tiled framing work.

A typical project removing a corroded door frame with installation works usually take a minimum of 4 working days. The first 2 days are dedicated for removal of door frame and careful removal of surrounding tiles. New measurements will then be taken for the fabrication of the new door. We will be patching up and completing the installation work on the last 2 days.

Removal of rotting framing and new frame and door.

If you’re a new or current homeowner looking for solutions to repair or replace your door, contact us today! Click here to learn more. Get a quote or WhatsApp us today.

12 Replies to “Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Door Replacement”

  1. Juvel Taculod says: Reply

    How much for toilet door and bathroom door. How Long it will be available and done. HDB home.

    1. Our door prices range from $280-$350 depending on the type of door you require. Do contact us here: for a detailed quote. Thank you

  2. Ng Pey Fung says: Reply

    How much does it cost to hacking out corroded door frame, removal of door, installation of new aluminium frame and door for 2 bathrooms?

    1. Hello, the cost depends on the extent of damage and the type of door you are looking for. If you would like a direct quote, you can message us on whatsapp and send the images of the affected area. Do contact us here: Thank you!

  3. Hi I want to replace my toilet wooden cabinet door to a water proof material normally used in those toilet near the beach. If you can provide a quote I’ll provide the measurements.

    1. Hello, please do drop us a WhatsApp message with the photos of the cabinet door for a quote. Do message us here:!%20I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20quote%20for%20 Thank you

  4. I hv a bifold toilet door
    I can’t lock it now
    It’s top must be broken
    How much to replace

    1. Hi, the price will depend on the work required. Feel free to drop us a WhatsApp message and include images of the affected area here:!%20I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20quote%20for%20

    2. We also have a bifold toilet door lock broken. Door is fine, just the lock damaged.
      What does it cost to repair?

  5. Hi there,
    May I know how much does it cost to change bi-fold toilet door?

    1. Hi Elly, Our door prices range from $280-$350 depending on the type of door you require. Do send us a WhatsApp message here:!%20I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20quote%20for%20 for a more detailed quote. Thank you

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