Should You Hire a HDB Approved Renovation Contractor?

If you’re thinking of renovating your flat, there are many factors to consider. Besides your budget and design, you should also ensure that the contractor doing your renovation is HDB approved.

At this point, you might be wondering if hiring a HDB approved contractor is important. Is it?

HDB Approved Renovation Contractors are aware of building requirements set by HDB. The work done will protect the structural integrity of the building. This not only ensures the safety of your loved ones but also those staying in the same building as you.

When hiring a HDB Approved Renovation Contractor, it is still a private contract between you and them. This is not an endorsement of their workmanship by HDB. However, hiring these contractors have definite plus points that can put your mind at ease.

To be approved by HDB, the contractor would need to go through a Renovation for Public Housing course. They would also need to be active in the industry and have a minimum of three years of experience.

These contractors also need to be profitable within the last year. This extensive background on the contractor done by HDB can put your mind at ease. There have been many cases of renovation contractors simply disappearing with your hard earned money. As these contractors need to have a proven track record to be approved by HDB, the chances of such situations happening should be minimal.

Lastly, the approval process set by HDB requires the contractor to have completed five different renovation works in private properties. This means that all the contractors approved by HDB have the relevant experience and expertise. Rest assured, your home wouldn’t be the first one they’re renovating.

The way we see it, the definite way to go is with a HDB Approved Renovation Contractor as a pretty extensive background check on the company history has been done for you. This gives you more time to look through Houzz or Pinterest for ideas for your dream home.To find a HDB Approved Contractor, simply visit this site to look through the directory. Alternatively, you could just contact ilet; The Renovation Specialist for all your renovation needs.

We are HDB Approved and have experience in renovating homes such as condos, flats and we also have experience with renovating offices. We’ll provide you with a creative solution for your renovation needs and best of all, you won’t ever have to worry about the workmanship.

Just take a look at the bathroom and kitchen renovations we’ve done! If you’re looking for smart designs, quality workmanship and an easy renovation experience, contact ilet; The Renovation Specialist today.



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