Sensor Flush Replacement – Things to Know

Points to note when replacing a sensor flush

Sensor flushes are commonly seen in shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings. If you’re looking for a contractor to fix your sensor flush, here’s what you should know about the job. 

Distance – The distance between the 1-inch flush water inlet and outlet. The standard measurements are 75mm and a 100mm.

Take a look at some before and after images of sensor flush replacements we’ve done before.

Wire Health – In a wall concealed flush unit, the main challenge is to ensure that the power and supply do not come into contact. The power and supply wiring is usually run in ½ inch PVC conduct and is then cemented inside the wall. As the wiring is cemented inside the wall, faulty wiring cannot be replaced at low cost.

Length of joint – If length is too short, do not replace piping. If length of pipe istoo short, do not replace it as water will leak out.

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