Replacing Popping Tiles with Vinyl Flooring | Vinyl Flooring Installation

Replacing popping tiles is a necessity when it starts to pose a danger, such as hazard risk which may cause trips and falls and cuts. This is especially so with young children and elderly at home. Take a look at how replaced the popping tiles with vinyl flooring for our client!

What causes popping tiles to occur?

Tiles are a popular flooring choice due it’s durability and style types.  However, tiles can also pop up, which can create a number of dangers. Popping tiles can occur at any type of home, be it HDB, Condo or even landed, and it can happen for a variety of reasons.

  1. Moisture: Moisture damage can cause tiles to pop up. Moisture can occur because of water seepage, condensation and poor waterproofing (depending on the affected area)
  2. Poor installation: Poor installation can occur because of an uneven subfloor and improper adhesive usage. Over time, the tiles will likely pop up.

How to fix popping tiles?

Depending on the cause of the popped-up tiles, it will be best to call a contractor to help you assess the issue.

At ilet, we helped our client to diagnose the issue, and recommended a solution to fix the tiles. Together with the client, we decided to hack the popped up tiles, even out the base flooring and install vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring was chosen due to it’s affordable cost and variety of styles.

First, we started by removing the popping tiles and hacked it. This was done as tiled floors were in poor condition, with many areas affected due to the popped-up tiles.

Next, we prepared a self levelling flooring base. This ensures that the flooring base is levelled for the installation of vinyl flooring.

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