Starter Pack


High-quality and Best Trusted Home Smoke Detector

The Pyrexx PX-I is a stand alone smoke alarm device complying with EN 14604, equipped with a built-in long-term lithium battery.

Key features:

  •  Comply with EN 14604
  • 10 years battery life
  • 10 years product warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Complies with SCDF HFAD requirement


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The Best Long-Term Smoke Detector  + Fire Extinguisher (Hercules Brand 2 kg ABC Dry Powder)

The PX-1 (SCDF HFAD Approved) is a stand-alone smoke alarm complying with EN 14604, equipped with a built-in long-term lithium battery. Our devices therefore do not require annoying and expensive battery changes. This represents just one of the many ways how we actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

Through the sensor-controlled safety mechanism, an alarm is triggered only if there really is concrete evidence of a fire.

In addition to the Smoke Detector, this Start Pack comes with a Fire Extinguisher with a Mounting Bracket.

The ABC Dry Powder fire extinguishers are highly versatile for tackling most types of fires. Ideal for General Office, Homes, Vehicle Applications, Caravans, Boats and Electrical plant.

Extremely effective on electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases.

Get this Starter Pack for a peace of mind for your home safety today.

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 36.3 cm