Bidet American Style


(Self Collection Only)

• Round Style
• Dual-mode cleaning
• Dual-retractable tube design
• Slow-close seat and cover included
• 1 year part-warranty
• No battery or electric power required
• Not easily broken or discoloured


Option 1: Only Self-collection available at ilet Office from Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, excluding public holidays. An email will be sent when item is ready for collection within two working days. 

Option 2: If installation is selected, we will contact you for more details. Product will be brought over during installation. 

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A bidet is an add on toilet seat that houses a cleaning function. This ensures a hands free, thorough cleaning after using the toilet. Note:  this product is only available for Self-Collection. For installation and free delivery, email us for more information.

Why Buy a Bidet?

Bidets saves more than 50% of water usage as compared to a hand spray.  They are also hygienic and easy to use, a simple press of the button is all you need for a through gentle cleaning.  To top it off, our bidets fit on most toilets! All you need to ensure is that the water supply is 0.5 metres away from the bidet water inlet.


• Keppel Club
• Mount Alvernia Hospital
• Marsiling Mall
• Residential Home Owners

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