A Perfect Learning Space

The unit was dark, dusty and dingy when we received the keys to renovate the unit. While originally two separate units accessible from the outside and via a connecting door within, the condition of these units weren’t conducive for a learning centre. Trying to keep within budget, we decided against hacking the dividing wall between the two units. In other words, we had to come up with creative solutions for this brand new learning centre outlet. If you’re looking for a renovation contractor in Singapore, read below to find out what we can do!  

This learning centre caters to kids from different age groups. Thus, it was important that there be dedicated areas for kids to learn. The layout of this long orientation unit proved to be challenging. This was due to the windows being on the front and back of the unit only. This could have been a problem in creating classrooms that felt spacious and weren’t claustrophobic.


The condition of this unit was in bad shape. One of the bigger problems of this unit was the condition of the ceiling. In addition, the ceiling board painted green was in bad condition as it was sloping and missing at some areas. Similarly, the flooring on both these units were also in bad condition. While there weren’t any cracks on the flooring, it’s height was slightly uneven and had a brick-like texture. Besides this, the wear and tear on the flooring of both the units were also very visible.

After Renovation

An important thing for the classrooms to work well within the space was to create divided spaces that still felt open. Due to the windows of the unit being only at the back and front of the outlet, it was a challenge to ensure that the classrooms didn’t feel to claustrophobic. Thus, a creative solution we came up with to overcome this problem was by creating a slightly larger doorway. After that, the doorway was left open. This ensured that the classrooms didn’t feel claustrophoic even without the presence of windows. Also, a plus point of this larger doorway without a door is the constant airflow throughout throughout the unit.

After Renovation – Outside view with frosted glass walls and doors.
Walkway leading to the three classrooms and side unit
Walkway view of the three classrooms
Classroom space

We then installed vinyl flooring throughout the unit to elevate the look and feel of the space. While cost effective, the vinyl flooring we use are high quality as compared to others you can find on the market as the flooring we offer are 5mm thick. The flooring we install have a longer lifespan due to the thickness. Dents and bumps on the flooring will not occur as regular as compared to regular flooring. The bathroom which originally had a squatting pan was converted to a WC. Then, we laid the tiled flooring of the bathroom with an epoxy flake coating. In addition, this bathroom flooring coating is anti slip and requires no tile hacking. In addition, we can complete the work in just two days too!

Classroom space after renovation with vinyl flooring
Close up of vinyl flooring
Replacement of squatting pan to WC
Epoxy Flake Anti Slip Flooring can be seen here

This whole renovation for the learning centre took just two weeks to complete. This worked perfectly with our client whose current outlet lease was expiring. Thus, if you’re looking for a renovation contractor in Singapore with quick turnaround times for your home or office, enquire today or email us sales@ilet.sg.

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