Penthouse Jacuzzi Conversion | Jacuzzi Removal and Roof Waterproofing

When we conducted a site visit for this Penthouse Jacuzzi, the homeowners were facing water leakage issues in the indoor area of their home. Waterproofing was not the cause of the water leakage as waterproofing for the surrounding areas had already been done by the condominium’s management. This led us to believe that the issue was due to a wall opening in the area underneath the jacuzzi.

Removal of Jacuzzi

Once the jacuzzi was removed, we were able to conduct a thorough site inspection to locate the cause of the leak. We were able to determine that the leak was caused by a hole in the wall. In addition, this created an issue when the jacuzzi was filled with water. Waterproofing on it’s own would not have rectified this issue as the hole needed to be patched up.


Preventing Water Leakage

Once the hole causing the water leakage was identified, we proceeded to patch up the hole. This would ensure that the wall was sufficiently protected from any future leaks. We then proceeded to level the flooring and ensure any holes from the jacuzzi were filled in.

Next, we applied waterproof coating on the floor and surrounding walls. Above all, we aimed to ensure that no future leaks would happen in this area.

Completion of Work

After hole patching, levelling and waterproofing was completed, we installed a faux grass carpet in this area. This allows the homeowners to create a nice and cosy chill-out space. Most importantly, t his previously unused space, now functions better for the homeowners needs.

Completed jacuzzi conversion with faux grass

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  1. Michelle Leong says: Reply

    I have a jacuzzi on my roof terrace which I want to remove. Could you kindly contact me to discuss further. Thank you

    1. Hi Michelle. If our team member has not been in contact with you yet, please feel free to drop us a WhatsApp message here with a photo/video of the affected area for an estimated quote:!%20I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20quote%20for%20

  2. To seal up the faulty jacuzzi and level up. Can you advise and quote, thanks!

    1. Hi Stephen, we’ll need some information and details on the faulty jacuzzi. Do send us a WhatsApp message here:!%20I%20am%20looking%20for%20a%20quote%20for%20 for a more detailed quote. Thank you

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