Office Renovation and Upgrading at Singapore Youth Flying Club | Safe Office Spaces

Over the past few years, open plan designs and communal spaces in offices were regarded as modern and fresh. These designs were usually a great indicator of the working environment. This was a progressive step from the closed-off private cubicles of the past. However, as all of us grapple to adjust to the changes in a post-covid world, these open plan offices have been cast aside to ensure safety and wellness. So how can one achieve this without completely transitioning to the more traditional office styles?

We recently just finished renovating and upgrading an office space at Singapore Youth Flying Club! The renovation achieved a modern and stylish look while keeping in line with safety requirements. Additionally, the office was still kept open and airy without the feeling of a closed-off space.  Keep reading to find out how this can be achieved!

Adding Screen Guards

Clear acrylic screen guards above office dividers are a simple upgrade to ensure the office space is kept safe while still having an open feeling! As these screen guards are see through, light can still flow through the space without any harsh shadows. Additionally, those working near each other will also not feel constricted as the divider is still of a normal height. 

Adjustable Working Areas

We installed a marble-look L shape work area to give SYFC the flexibility to add working areas as they see fit. These working areas  are fitted with adjustable marble-look panels which an be placed anywhere along the working area! This allows the team member to expand or reduce their working space as required!

For now, these marble-look panels create a partition and a safe distance among those working near each other.

Enhancing the Space

To further enhance the office space at SYFC we also placed some cabinetry along the entrance foyer. This gives the team extra space for storage and more.  Additionally, for presentations and screening areas, we also installed a projector!

If you’re looking to renovate your office or future-proof it to keep in line with safety needs, look no further! ilet is your qualified renovation contractor for all your needs! Enquire here today to get a quote or email us

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