Office Reno for a Creative Space | Installation of Epoxy Flooring, Lighting and more

Office renovations come in various forms depending on the clients needs. Some renovations may require hacking, installation of plumbing while others are simpler in nature. This is achievable when the space is in good condition, installation of new floorings, lightings, air-conditioning can give the space a fresh new feeling, and with minimal downtime too! This is exactly what we did for our latest office renovation for a creative space.

Completed Office

Completed Office

Office Renovation Works

The clients brief was easy to execute but it definitely took time and planning to ensure that the office renovation was completed on time. Firstly, we tackled the flooring as it wasn’t in optimal condition. Considering the client’s needs, we opted for an epoxy flooring. While epoxy flooring is a cost-effective option, good preparation ensures longevity.

To do this, we prepared the floor by grinding it to remove any scratches or ‘defects’ from the previous tenant. Next, we added a layer of primer before finally pouring the epoxy flooring. At this stage, it was important to ensure the that epoxy flooring remains level.

Next, we installed new air-conditioning with compressors to ensure a comfortable workspace with good ventilation.


After this was completed, we completed painting works together with new lighting fixtures and more. Some clients may not see importance of installing new lighting fixtures but it can be beneficial in the long run. New lighting fixtures may have better electricity savings and it can also help better designate certain areas. For example, a lower hung light over a discussion area can help to designate the space as a separate one from other areas.

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