NEWest Condo – Smoke Detector Installation

We recently completed a smoke detector order for the condo apartments in NEWest at West Coast. This was an initiative by the developers Oxley Viva. This is a huge step in fire safety and prevention in current builds.

While it is now a requirement for new builds from June 2018 to have a built in smoke detector in their homes, current homeowners should take this as safety measure and place a smoke detector in their homes. Read here to know why you should get a smoke detector!

At ilet, we offer Pyrexx Germany Smoke Detectors which are easy to use and come equipped with a 10-year battery life. You will never need to take out the ladder for a battery change, EVER!

Besides the convenience of having to NEVER change the batteries, having a the PX-1 or PX-1C, ensures 24/7 monitoring. Be comforted at home knowing that your prevention alarms from fire are in place and always working. Having a smoke detector is not only good for your home but also for your neighbors. The smoke detector acts a warning system to you and your neighbors in the event of a fire. This early warning can greatly minimize the losses.

We also provide free installation for the smoke detectors! If you’ve purchased the Pyrex smoke detectors from ilet and you’re not sure where you should place it, drop us an email to set up an appointment.

If you’re not sold yet, take a look at some of the smoke detector we’ve installed at the NEWest units. Get your PX-1 smoke detectors here today! If you’re interested in getting the PX-1C, drop us an email to enquire.

For those who are using our Pyrexx Smoke Detectors, we are also offering a yearly gas test check. This gas test will be a controlled test where we simulate smoke to check if the smoke detector reacts to it. The aim of this test is to hear the smoke detector alarm when smoke is introduced in the area. 

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