Maximise your Liveable Area | Condo Jacuzzi Removal

Jacuzzis are a great way to relax after a long day. However, its usage might be limited in Singapore’s climate due to the heat. With its usage not being maximised, jacuzzis require a lot of maintenance. If you’re planning to reclaim your balcony and patio area for more liveable space, this might be your sign to remove it.

Benefits of  removing a jacuzzi:

  • Increase liveable space . Removing a jacuzzi can free up space for other uses, such as a bbq area or outdoor dining area.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. Removing a jacuzzi can reduce maintenance costs. Hidden costs of owning a jacuzzi include cleaning and filtering. Removing a jacuzzi can even reduce your electricity costs! These hidden costs do add up over time.
  • Increase property value. While a jacuzzi may not add a lot of value to your home in Singapore, removing it could actually increase the value. With space at a premium, increase liveable space is a definite plus point. Additionally, the extra space can be renovated to create an outdoor living area, complete with a patio deck and more.

Jacuzzi Removal Services at ilet:

Take a look at the jacuzzi removal we’ve completed at a condominium. The service we provide includes removal and disposal of the jacuzzi, levelling and plastering of the flooring and wall. We will also provide waterproofing for the new flooring.

Instead of opting for tiled flooring, we installed artificial turf for our homeowners. This creates and indoor-outdoor feel.


If you’re planning to remove your jacuzzi in Singapore, weigh the pros and cons carefully and make the decision for you. Click to Get a quote or WhatsApp us today.

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