Making Outdoor Spaces Liveable | Balcony Waterproofing

Making outdoor spaces liveable is key to maximise the amount of living area in your home! Take a look at how we updated the waterproofing layer of this outdoor balcony and the artificial grass flooring we installed.

What causes poor waterproofing?

There are many reasons to why your waterproofing layer may perform poorly over the years. Most prominently, poor waterproofing work can cause this. While not initially visible, poor quality products or inadequate preparation can cause poor waterproofing.

How did we overcome this?

In this renovation work, we completed the waterproofing of a flat balcony surface. A flat balcony surface requires a higher level of precision and detail to ensure that the water does not pool in any area.

Final Touches!

After completing the waterproofing layer, we installed artificial grass along the flat balcony surface. This allows the homeowners to enjoy the space, and walk outdoors comfortably. This new area is also perfect for hosting guests!

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