60sqm Balcony Waterproofing at Kovan Residences

For this client at Kovan Residences, we had to do traditional waterproofing where hacking of tiles were required. This was so as the tiles of the balcony were popping up. The other two methods of waterproofing we offer would not have worked for the condition of the area. The balcony area of our client was 60 square meters this is approximately the size of 3 bedroom flat here in Singapore. Due to the large area, the hacking of the tiles took approximately 4 days to complete.

After completing the hacking of tiles, we proceeded with the grouting layer. Doing this layer is extremely time sensitive especially in exposed areas. When raining for example, the rain water could wash the grouting away if the grouting isn’t dry yet.

Once the grouting layer is set, the waterproofing layer is then ‘painted on’. At this point, the ground is still uneven. The waterproofing layer is done at this stage so as to prevent any water from seeping inwards from the floor or upwards from the ground.

As the ground is still uneven after the waterproofing layer is painted on, the area is then prepared for the screed layer. The screed layer evens out the floor and ensures that any unevenness from the grating layer is sorted out.

After the screed layer is done, the floor is now flushed even and the work is almost done. At this point, all the waterproofing work is done and all that’s left is to start with tiling

As the balcony area for this client was large, tiling took about 3 days from start to finish. After about 12 days (minus the bad weather days) we were done with waterproofing the balcony. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable and skilled contractor to solve your waterproofing issue, contact ilet today. Besides waterproofing, ilet also does plumbing and electrical services. Bid goodbye to expensive and unreliable contractors, call ilet today – Your One Stop Solution.

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  1. Like to know how Nano works

    1. Hi Ben! If you have any enquiries or want a quote for nano-waterproofing for your space, just fill up this form here and we can give you a call to explain a little bit more. https://www.ilet.sg/service-request/

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