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Chances are you’ve probably read it in the news – Smoke Detectors are now mandatory for new residential building built from June 2018 onwards. If you’re a current homeowner, this new rule only affects you if you undergo home renovations involving fire safety works. An example of this are renovations involving a fire rated door.

In 2017, statistics from Singapore Civil Defence Force shows that residential fires were the largest contributors to fire causes in Singapore. 16.5% of these fires were due to the electrical origin. Also, unattended cooking is one of the top three causes of residential fires.


If you’re considering extra protection for your home, here’s three reasons why you should get a smoke detector.

24/7 Safety 

Having a smoke detector installed in your home is the first step in ensuring round the clock safety and monitoring. Our Pyrexx PX-1 and PX-1C smoke detectors have bi sensors that detect smoke and heat. You’ll hear the 85db alarm from the smoke detector before you see a huge fire.

If you’re sleeping, the loud alarm from the smoke detector will wake you up. As a result of the alarm, this increases the chances of evacuation and calling for help early. Also, the chances of smoke inhalation decreases when you evacuate early.

If you’re not home, the alarm might warn your neighbor of the fire before they see it. This can hopefully minimize damage to your home.

Pyrexx PX-1 Smoke Detector

Quick Response

In the event of a fire, seconds matter. The loud alarm from the smoke detector can give you or your neighbors’ time to contact the SCDF.  A faster response time with the early call to the SCDF is important.

Low Cost

Smoke Detectors are affordable so you can get one without breaking the bank. We offer the Pyrexx PX-1 for just $73 with FREE shipping and FREE installation. The smoke detector is SCDF approved and complies with international standards EN14604. It comes with 10 years of battery life – so there’s no annoying battery changes that you’ll ever have to do. Most importantly, it will be working 24/7!

Best part? It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Getting a smoke detector with ilet is just 2 cents a day! You’ll only be spending $7.30 each year and that’s cheaper than a venti Starbucks. Protect your loved ones today.

If you’re looking to order 3 or more smoke detectors, drop us an email!

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