Neutral Moroccan Full Bathroom Renovation

Before renovating, this bathroom exuded no style or practicality as it was dated and lacked storage. This full bathroom renovation in Hougang was designed with a nuetral Moroccan theme with it’s tiled ‘feature’ wall. Instead of designing the whole bathroom with the intricately designed tiles, the tiles were placed on just one wall and complemented with grey tiles on the surrounding walls and floors. This created a sense of spaciousness as the design does not overwhelm the small bathroom but still filled the space with personality.

Additionally, to create storage in the bathroom a counter top sink with bottom storage was installed. In a small space, finding storage solutions is key. An added upgrade to the bathroom was the installation of the bidet!

Before and After Renovation

Renovated bathroom with bottom sink storage


Close up of details


Before renovation with limited storage and a dated design

Bathroom Tile Options

With a variety of designs in the market for your bathroom tiles, the question everybody has is regarding the different types of tiles and their effects on the quality!

1. Marble Tiles

A popular option for the luxe look is to install marble tiles in your bathroom. However, the cost of installing marble tiles could have you thinking twice!

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, long lasting

Cons: Costly, difficult to maintain

2. Ceramic Tiles

A good option to achieve a luxe designed bathroom with a marble design is through the use of ceramic tiles! Ceramic tiles are available in a huge variety of options ranging from a wood design, natural stones like marbles and even intricately designed Moroccan tiles.

Pros: inexpensive, huge variety of colours and design

Cons: Prone to slight water damage over time

3. Porcelain tiles

Similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are also a popular option to consider when renovating your bathroom. While slightly more costly than porcelain tiles, it’s higher durability is worth the extra cost. Porcelain tiles have higher drying temperatures and this in turn makes it more durable when used in bathrooms.

Pros: Durable, water resistant, huge variety of colours and design

Cons: Costly when compared to porcelain tiles

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