Fire Safety at Home – Singapore 2018 Fire Statistics

No matter child, parent or sibling, keeping your loved ones safe from harm is important to all. A good practice we can cultivate in Singapore is practicing fire safety at home. While there are countless home insurance/fire insurance plans that offer a layer of protection, we should be proactive in taking steps to ensure that it never comes to that.

As compared to 2017, SCDF responded to slightly more calls in 2018. There were 3885 fire calls. Out of these calls, over 60% of these calls were made due to fires at residential premises. While there was a decrease in the number of fires due to unattended cooking, it still is one of the TOP THREE causes of fires in residential premises. With so many automation systems, smoke detectors and even fire extinguishers easily available, this is a preventable cause of fire. We should take every step possible to minimise risks.

An alarmingly high cause of fire involves Power Assisted Bicycles (PABs) & Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). In 2017, there were 49 such fire incidents. However, in 2018, there were 74 fires involving these rides. Thats about SIX PABs & PMDs FIRES EVERY MONTH. This is an almost 50% increase The fires caused by PABs & PMDs is usually from an electrical origin. These transportation modes use lithium ion batteries. Most of the fire cases that occured happened during battery charging or shortly after. When handling such vehicles, it is important to not overcharge as the risk of fires are high.

Here are some tips from the 2018 SCDF Annual Statistics to prevent battery fires:

  • Do not leave batteries or devices to charge unattended overnight or over a prolonged period
  • Ensure that your device complies with LTA’s guidelines under the Active Mobility Act, and only purchase devices from reputable sources
  • Do not tamper with, modify or attempt to repair a device on your own
  • While charging PABs or PMDs: Charge in a cool room and away from heat
  • Place them on hard, open and flat surfaces
  • Do not place near combustible materials
  • Do not place near an entrance/exit or in the way of your escape

ilet Solutions

At ilet, we provide various fire safety products. Our SCDF Approved Smoke Detector are German made and come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty! For instance, our . This connects your smoke detector to you no matter where you go. When connected, you will receive sms alerts and even emails when there is a fire happening at home.

For those with PABs and PMDs, our Plus Pack is perfect for you. This pack includes the PX-1c and PX Alarm relay (PX-AR). The PX-AR can be connected to home devices. When the PX-1C detects smoke, the PX-AR will then automatically cut the power supply to the connected devices. This is great and can be used to create charging areas for your PABs & PMDs. Another example usage for charging areas can also be for mobile phones.

Alternatively, we also provide a standalone smoke detector. The PX-1 is also SCDF Approved can be placed near kitchens, living rooms and even near charging areas. This simple product will add a layer of protection for your family. If you are looking for other types of smoke detectors, check out this list by Best in Singapore here.

Ensure fire safety in Singapore today! If you have any queries or need more information, drop us an enquiry or email us at


*Statistics and fire nformation gathered from SCDF 2018 Fire Statistics which can be found here:

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