Do I Need a SCDF Approved Smoke Detector | Singapore 2020 Fire Statistics

Information below adapted from SCDF 2020 Fire stastistics, available on

It would be an understatement to say that the past one year, has been extremely eventful. On a positive, Singaporeans have demonstrated their resilience and ability to quickly adapt to new situations. An example being, the need to Work from Home. With more time spent at home, you’ve probably noticed areas of your home that require an upgrade. From our perspective, an important but overlooked upgrade, is the installation of SCDF Approved Smoke Detectors.

2020 Fire Statistics in Singapore

Overall, there was a decrease of 34.4% of fire calls made in 2020. While this is a positive, fires from an electrical origin was the main cause of all fires the whole year! This includes fires due to shoddy wiring and more.

Total Number of Fire Calls

Similar to previous years, fires due to unattended cooking were the main cause of fires in residential areas. While accidents can occur, it is necessary to be proactive in the steps that we can take to prevent the undesirable. In this case, a SCDF Approved Smoke Detector could have given the home’s occupants a warning once smoke was detected. The occupants could have then reacted in time.

Alarming Trends

An alarming trend over the years is definitely fires caused by Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). While the number of fires due to PMDs have decreased, fires due to Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB) have increased. As owning a PAB has its benefits, there are certain good practices as stated by SCDF one should follow. Below is a snapshot of what you can do!

  • Avoid leaving batteries or devices to charge unattended for an extended period of time or overnight.
  • Do not charge the PAB/PMD immediately after use.
  • Avoid charging a PAB/PMD or its batteries near combustible materials or along an escape path.
  • Do not tamper with, modify, or attempt to repair a device on your own.
  • Purchase PMDs with UL2272 Certification Mark.
  • Purchase PABs with the EN15194 certification and affixed with LTA’s orange seal of approval.

Adapted from SCDF 2020 Fire stastistics, available on

Fires related to PMD/PAB. Infographic from


If you are certain that it’s time to upgrade your home and protect your family, ilet provides a variety of solutions! Firstly, ilet provides a the PX-1 Smoke Detector. This is a standalone SCDF approved smoke detector. with 10 years of battery life, 10 years of manufacturer warranty. Plus, it’s easy to install! PX-1 SCDF Approved Smoke Detector

Secondly, consider our Alarm Relay attachment as an add-on to our SCDF approved smoke detector. The alarm relay can be connected to automated home systems or charging areas. It will automatically cut the flow of electricity to affected areas once smoke is detected. This helps contain the spread of fire and will give you more time to react to the situation. Also, this alarm relay has a built in battery and will work 24/7 even during a power trip! SCDF Approved Smoke Detector + Alarm Relay

If you have any questions regarding your fire safety situation at home, do contact us at or fill up this service request form.

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