Cafe Renovation at Mt Alvernia Hospital

When we were contracted for this cafe renovation job, this space at Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore was under-utilised. The idea for this renovation was to convert the area into a cafe selling fruits and drinks. To maximise the space, a ‘semi open concept plan’ was used. With the usage of glass panels, this new cafe feels airy and light. Most importantly, it provides a more efficient use of the space.


Front view of completed cafe
Front view of completed cafe with a half glass panel
Side view of completed cafe with payment systems

As can be seen from the post renovation images, this space now provides an efficient layout for the fruit display stand. Staff can also take payments easily with the half wall.

Maximising your Space

There are various ways you can maximise your space at home or your office with a simple renovation. We’ve used glass panels and half walls to increase the usable space while also making it effective. But where can it be used?

Half Walls

Half walls create visual lines that can help divide a space by its uses. For your home, you can use a half wall in your living area or your kitchen. Using a half wall in your living area can help create a foyer area to welcome your guests. For example, this area can also be designed functionally as an area to put on your shoes before leaving your home.

For your kitchen, a half wall can be used to achieve an open concept look between your kitchen and dining area. While this increases the flow of the space, it still allows for cabinetry along the half wall in the kitchen.

For your office, using a half wall can help create a reception area. This ensures that natural light flows throughout the space.

Glass Panels

The usage of glass panels allow for high flexibility. It can be used in the bathroom, bedrooms and even your kitchen. To achieve a sensual hotel  feel in your master bedroom, remove the wall and opt for a full glass panel bathroom. This immediately elavates your space to a modern theme.

In your kitchen, use glass panels or a full glass panelled door to create an open concept feel. Most importantly, parents with young ones can benefit by using glass doors as it allows them to keep on a constant watch over their kids. This also prevents young ones from reaching for various dangerous kitchen ware.

Mockup of renovation with full glass panels and half walls used
Mid way through renovation
Almost complete renovation
Front View of Completed Cafe

This completed renovation at Mount Alvernia Hospital allows for increased flow and has fully maximised the space. On top of this, it also provides a new cafe to get fruits and snacks for those around.

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