Bright and Airy Jurong West Kindergarten Renovation

Kindergartens are a lively place where kids can learn and discover new things. All parents want to send their kids to a place where they can be free to discover yet still enjoy the learning process.

The outcome of our latest kindergarten renovation project is a bright and comforting place for kids to come and learn. We were engaged to create a good quality renovation, suitable for children. A quick turnaround was achieved without compromising on finer details such as sealing of unused drain holes for a proper storage area. We worked with PUB and the town council to have a permanent conversion of single WC point to dual WC point for two children WC.

Key Challenges

  • Converting existing single WC outlet to two WC
  • As it is a ground floor unit, we redid the existing lighting to provide a better all-round brightness that is conducive for learning
  • Increasing the air circulation within the kindergarten with minimum unit of air conditioning to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Nominalising all the live wires that were previous discards above the ceiling and along the walls. These to prevent any unwanted trips or electrical fire. This is important in an environment with kids
  • Creating an easy to maintain open plan space that allows for different classes simultaneously

As it is a kindergarten, there is a requirement for two WC. This required the installation of two separate waste pipes. A lot of coordination work was required as it involved hacking down outside and on to the actual PUB IC to add an additional waste point. Therefore, this can only be achieved with a skilled and experience plumber. Overall, our clients and town council were happy with the job done.

AFTER – View of space from entrance
AFTER – New area after wall hacking
AFTER – Unblocked space after wall hacking
AFTER – Bright and airy layout

With the hacking of the two partition walls, the space becomes open with better air circulation. It also gives an open concept look that our clients want. This makes it easier for the teachers to keep an eye on all the students at a glance.

While open, this kindergarten still provides private spaces for the teachers. The new enclosed pantry area ensures that only teachers will be able to access the area. We isolated the pantry so that the area can be kept separate and hygienic. This is so as food and snack preparation will take place there. Also, the half glass window gives teachers an unblocked view of students

The new enclosed office area on the other hand gives a private space to the centre manager if required for administration purposes and confidential document storage.

AFTER – New enclosed pantry area with glass wall. This allows for unblocked view of the students
AFTER – New enclosed office with glass wall for the centre manager

If you are looking for a kindergarten renovation or looking to renovate a similar space, the expertise ilet can provide is unbeatable. We have experienced staff to guide you through the design process and to help you in your electrical and plumbing licensing needs. Above all, no matter the job scope, the work we provide ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail.

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