Types of Flooring | Vinyl Flooring Installation at Citadines Singapore

There are various types of floorings you can choose for your home depending on your needs and budget. For some, it can even be for simpler maintenance while looking modern and fresh. We recently assisted a Citadines Apartment in Singapore to replace their aged carpet for vinyl flooring. This gives the apartments a fresh new […]

Tips to Staying Safe from Covid-19 | Automated Hand Sanitiser

As February comes to a close, the words coronavirus or covid-19 must be synonymous to all. While this virus has a lower facility rate than Sars, its highly contagious nature is a cause of worry. However, if you commute daily by public transportation, there is still no reason to worry if you practice good hygiene. […]

Neutral Moroccan Full Bathroom Renovation

Before renovating, this bathroom exuded no style or practicality as it was dated and lacked storage. This full bathroom renovation in Hougang was designed with a nuetral Moroccan theme with it’s tiled ‘feature’ wall. Instead of designing the whole bathroom with the intricately designed tiles, the tiles were placed on just one wall and complemented […]

Benefits of Resin Grating

Traditionally, gratings have many functions and uses. This can range from an application in swimming pools, bathrooms and  more! These gratings are usually made of stainless steel and can be difficult to lift up due to its weight when daily maintenance is required. Furthermore, with advances in various technologies, why wouldn’t you upgrade your materials? If […]