Benefits of Resin Grating

Traditionally, gratings have many functions and uses. This can range from an application in swimming pools, bathrooms and  more! These gratings are usually made of stainless steel and can be difficult to lift up due to its weight when daily maintenance is required. Furthermore, with advances in various technologies, why wouldn’t you upgrade your materials? If you are a developer or an operations manager looking to upgrade your services, this post is for you!

At ilet, we carry resin gratings that can be used everywhere; from bathrooms, swimming pools, locker rooms and more. In fact, if you’ve been to the new Funan Mall in City Hall, you might have seen our resin gratings installed in ALL the bathrooms there.

Resin grating installation at new Funan Mall
Close up of resin grating installation in all bathrooms at new Funan Mall

The benefits of our resin gratings are undeniable when compared with traditional gratings.

  • The 6mm gaps in between bars will prevent children from getting their fingers stuck.
  • Resin gratings are anti bacterial and anti fungal.
  • These gratings have excellent resistance to hot water and extreme weather conditions. It is UV resistant.
  • Maintenance of the gratings are also easy as it light weight. Each grating also comes with a pull ring.

Swimming Pool Gratings

Our swimming pool gratings are flexible and can fit any pool design. These 25mm gratings are also in an inverted ‘U’ shape that allows for excellent water drainage. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of these gratings also provide for an easy day to day maintenance.

Sugra Gratings

Sugra Gratings are perfect for laying above the floor in locker rooms and even bathrooms. The wc’s can be also be flushed to the floor to act as a drainage system.

Personally, we would recommend this for detached homes as it has a vertical and horizontal drain outlet unit with traps that makes it suitable to work as drain covers. When it comes to cleaning, simply lift up the light weight lid by the pull ring with minimal effort!

Safety Gratings

Safety Gratings are resin gratings that are reinforced with steel crossbars. These safety gratings are durable and can withstand heavy loads. This makes it easier for trolleys and even wheelchairs to go smoothly across the gratings. These gratings come in two types: Vertical and Horizontal. They are also available in 20 and 25mm.

If you’re an architect, home developer or operations manager, contact us for a quote for resin gratings today! Click to Get a quote or WhatsApp us today.

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