Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub replacements can be a necessity as the family ages. We provide bathtub to standing shower conversions, bathtub removals, installations and more.

Bathub removal services

While a bathtub is a definite luxury to have, it can be quite tiring to maintain your bathtub. This is especially true when the family ages, as a bathtub is not friendly for the elderly.

Looking to remove your bathtub and converting it to a standing shower area? We provide a full service which includes bathtub removal, proper disposal of bathtub, retiling of the area to convert it to a standing shower area and shower fixtures with full panelled glass door!

Our price for this service is for a standard HDB bathroom size. 

SERvices offered

Bathtub Removal

Our service ensures proper removal and proper disposal of your bathtub.

New Bathtub Installation

We bathtub installations for your home. Simply engage us for our labour.

Bathtub to Standing Shower Conversion

We offer a full service to convert your bathtub area into a standing shower. Our service includes bathtub removal, retiling and shower fixtures.


Experienced and Professional

We are skilled and have worked with various homeowners and businesses; ranging from hotels, shopping malls and restaurants.

Quality First

We provide good quality products to fit your budget while also ensuring high quality service.


Bathtub Removal | Bathtub to Standing Shower Conversion

Take a look at how we achieved a refresh this bathroom at East Meadows with a bathtub removal.

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