Should I get a Bathtub? | Bathtub Renovation and Removal

Having a bathtub in your bathroom can exude a hotel-like and relaxing feeling. It might even reduce the need for any staycations as your home could feel just a like hotel! However, considering the smaller floor plans of new builds in Singapore, is it still worth it to install a bathtub? Should you remove the bathtub and convert it to a standing shower area? Keep reading and we’ll share the different types of bathtubs and the services we offer for bathtub removals if you would like more space in the bathroom.

Types of Bathtubs

Freestanding Tub

Free standing tub, image from

A freestanding tub does not require any additional support as these bathtubs are standalone. If your bathroom can accommodate for it, it might not require any additional renovation in terms of the surrounding tiling.

Built-in Tub

Before renovation – Built-in tub

These are the traditional styles of bathtubs that you see in hotels and even homes. Installing these usually require tiling on the surrounding as it must be installed against a wall. However, due to lack of space many homeowners choose to place a shower head in the same area. While this saves space, it can be difficult for the elderly to use the shower as one can’t simply walk in to the tub.

Sunken Tub

Sunken tub, image from

A sunken tub is probably the most popular choice in many new condominium units nowadays. Flushed to the floor, a sunken tub saves space and reduces any difficulties in getting in the shower as one can simply walk in. While it might be aesthetically pleasing, not many homes can install sunken tubs due to its laborious nature.

Bathtub Removals

If you are buying a resale home or have simply decided to remove your bathtub for a standing shower space, look no further. We have recently a bathtub removal renovation and converted it to a standing shower space. Now, the owners can enjoy a sense of airiness in the bathroom!

Before renovation – Built-in tub

After removing the bathtub, we matched the tiles to a similar colour and provided shower fixtures. Additionally, we also installed tempered glass doors to keep the other areas of the bathroom dry.

After renovation – shower fixtures
After renovation – with glass doors
Renovation in progress – new tiles are matched with existing tiles
Renovation in progress.- tiling installation

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