Bathtub Removal | Bathtub to Standing Shower Conversion

Having a bathtub in your home is a luxury considering the smaller bathrooms here in Singapore. However, there are many problems that a homeowner can face with a bathtub at home. This ranges from your bathtub cracking, discolouration, build-up of mould and more. Once these things occur, the luxury can turn to a pretty costly expense to upkeep. It’s also pretty common to want more space as many homeowners realise that their bathtub is under-utilised.

Additionally, with the presence of the young or elderly staying in the same home, it can get quite dangerous for them to enter or exit the bathtub. Therefore, is it time to remove your bathtub in favour of a standing shower instead?

Bathtub Removal

Depending on the type of bathtub you have; be it a free-standing tub or a built-in tub, the process for a bathtub removal will differ from home to home. For this built-in bathtub removal at East Meadows, the removal process included hacking of bathtub, waterproofing checks, floor tile replacement and more.

Standing Shower Conversion

When the bathtub is removed, the amount of space in the bathroom always look very spacious but there still is work to be done. After we’ve laid the out the tiling and ensured that the waterproofing is still in good condition or even replaced in some situations, the installation of your shower fixtures can begin. Above all, ensuring your waterproofing is intact is extremely important as it prevents mould build-up and cracking of tiles. We cannot stress enough the importance of having good waterproofing as it will save your money as the years go by.

For this bathtub to standing shower conversion at East Meadows, we brand new fixtures. We installed a rain shower, a glass swing door and also soap rack. These fixtures provides the newly renovated bathroom with more space and a functional layout.

After renovation – New shower fixtures installed


Need to remove your bathtub? 

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