Engaging a Contractor for Home Renovation | Installation of Lighting Fixtures, Tiles and more

Planning to give your home a makeover? Today, there are many options new homeowners can go for, from Interior Designers to Contractors. Also, home renovations can come at varying scales and at vastly different budgets. Some may choose to focus on aesthetics while others may opt for functionality and quality. Here’s what you can consider […]

Office Reno for a Creative Space | Installation of Epoxy Flooring, Lighting and more

Office renovations come in various forms depending on the clients needs. Some renovations may require hacking, installation of plumbing while others are simpler in nature. This is achievable when the space is in good condition, installation of new floorings, lightings, air-conditioning can give the space a fresh new feeling, and with minimal downtime too! This […]

Upgrading of Facilities at Hitachi Lift | Bathroom Renovation and Waterproofing

We completed a massive renovation and upgrading at Hitachi Lift! The works included a bathroom renovation, which consists of hacking, waterproofing, tiling installation, fixture of fittings. This ensures a clean and new bathroom for all on-site employees! We also upgraded site with new piping and installation of new curbing for storage. Bathroom upgrading We upgraded […]

Vinyl Flooring Installation at Citadines Mount Sophia | 5 Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Is vinyl flooring durable? Is vinyl flooring cheap? Is vinyl flooring long-lasting? These are some common questions we’ve heard from clients before we renovate their home or office! Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first created, and in short, the answer to all these questions are “Yes!”. Vinyl flooring is not […]