Do I Need a SCDF Approved Smoke Detector | Singapore 2020 Fire Statistics

Information below adapted from SCDF 2020 Fire stastistics, available on It would be an understatement to say that the past one year, has been extremely eventful. On a positive, Singaporeans have demonstrated their resilience and ability to quickly adapt to new situations. An example being, the need to Work from Home. With more time […]

Types of Flooring | Vinyl Flooring Installation at Citadines Singapore

There are various types of floorings you can choose for your home depending on your needs and budget. For some, it can even be for simpler maintenance while looking modern and fresh. We recently assisted a Citadines Apartment in Singapore to replace their aged carpet for vinyl flooring. This gives the apartments a fresh new […]

Tips to Staying Safe from Covid-19 | Automated Hand Sanitiser

As February comes to a close, the words coronavirus or covid-19 must be synonymous to all. While this virus has a lower facility rate than Sars, its highly contagious nature is a cause of worry. However, if you commute daily by public transportation, there is still no reason to worry if you practice good hygiene. […]