An Upscale and Timeless Weekend Home Renovation

Located just a short 8 minutes drive away from the Johor Bahru Checkpoint, Tritower Residence is a new and exclusive home in the Iskandar Malaysia Flagship Zone A. Exuding exclusivity, we were thrilled when a Singaporean repeat client of ours approached us for this home renovation. Meant to serve as a weekend home and a space to display precious mementos, this 1200sqft 3 bedder is the very definition of an upscale and timeless renovation. Completed in under three weeks, this renovation ensured that this house could feel like a home.

Home Renovation Journey

To maximise the space in the area and the high ceiling height, we created two full height customised built in cabinetry with a depth of 450mm. We have placed the built in at the living and dining area. The new built in units will allow the owner to use the space as a media console area to enjoy during relaxing weekends. The surrounding shelving units can then be enclosed by swinging glass doors. We also placed warm white LED light strips in the shelves.

Over at the dining area, the owner will be able to display precious mementos in the customised shelving. To ensure these mementos stand out in the shelving, the inner surroundings of the shelving are white. This allows for higher contrast levels. Thus, had the inside of the shelving units been a similar colour to the built-in, any mementos placed in would not stand out due to the dark colours.

Image of living area with full height built-in units and day and night curtains
Dining room built-in unit with warm white LED lighting
Close up look of dining area built-in with white inner backing

In the master bedroom, a full height built-in media unit with optimised storage units were built. Due to the large full length windows, ensuring privacy is highly important. WE installed zebra roller blinds in the master bedroom and the two common bedrooms. Depending on their needs, the owners of this home can opt for blackout blinds or semi blackout blinds. If the owners want to enjoy the view, they can simply roll the blinds up all the way. Similarly, the yard area in the kitchen was also equipped with a brand new outdoor privacy blind.

Built-in media and storage unit for the master bedroom
Full view of master bedroom with built-ins, ceiling fan and zebra roller blinds when closed
Partially open zebra roller blinds
Master bathroom with new glass partition, door and full length mirror
View from yard area in kitchen without blinds
Yard area in kitchen with closed privacy blinds

Built-Ins or Freestanding?

With a huge variety of freestanding furniture available, the never ending question for many homeowners when renovating is if they should invest in built-ins.


  • A good way to display and showcase knick knacks
  • Built-ins can add dimension and interest to a room and can make a room seem bigger too as it is more cohesive
  • Customised built-ins are able to fit any space or style
  • No wasted space as it fully maximises space and optimises storage


  • More costly as compared to freestanding furniture
  • Permanent. Built-ins cannot be moved when moving home to home
  • Takes a longer timespan to design, build and complete

Provided Services

With space at a premium in Singapore, the best way to ensure no wasted space in your home is by building customised built-in units. What are you waiting for? If you have an awkward angle in your home or unusable space above your bay windows, built-ins will be able to maximise the space. At ilet, we provide full home renovations. This includes electrical work, painting, plumbing hacking, built-ins and more. Look no further for all your renovation needs.

If you’re a new or current homeowner looking for a renovation contractor, contact us today! Click here to learn more. Get a quote or WhatsApp us today.

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  1. like to build storage in common room and storage plus study in masterroom.

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