Air Purifiers to Beat the Singapore Haze

Without a doubt, you can tell that it’s haze season in Singapore. We’ve been having such good weather the past few months but sadly, that isn’t the case anymore. Hazy conditions will persist in the coming weeks.

So the question on everybody’s mind, what’s causing the haze?

According to NEA, the hazy conditions are due to hotspots in central and southern Sumatra. These hotspots emit haze smoke and they’re detected from Riau all the way to Lampung. As Singapore is in the same region, the haze smoke from these hotspots have been blown to Singapore due to prevailing winds. These winds are forecasted to continue. Thus, hazy conditions in the region will persist as the wind blows the haze over from the hotspots.

Harmful Effects

A PSI range of 0 – 100 indicates a good or moderate air quality. This means that normal activities can be carried out by all. However, a PSI above 100 is in an unhealthy range. Err on the side of caution when carrying out outdoor activities. If the PSI reaches 300 (let’s hope not), stay indoors!

While the harmful effects of the haze can be felt the moment we step out of our homes, what exactly are the health risks? Children and the elderly are at risk of facing breathing difficulties. Those with asthma, chronic lung diseases, heart diseases should exercise caution during this period. The haze can worsen existing health conditions. Pregnant women should also be cautious when carrying out daily activities. 

For those who are healthy, you could still face some periods of sickness such as irritated eyes, flu and scratchy throats. If the situation persists, a visit to the doctor is highly advisable. 


There a huge array of options to protect yourself from the haze. When going outdoors, it is highly advisable to wear a face mask. This will protect you from breathing in harmful air particles. Unless the haze worsens, standard surgical masks will suffice. 

Besides face masks, ensuring that our bodies stay healthy is important. It is advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water (not bubble tea!) and keep good personal hygiene. Washing your hands with soap and water regularly is advisable to prevent the spread of germs. Pro tip, carry a hand sanitiser with you!

Air Purifiers

While it’s important to stay protected outdoors, what about when you’re in the comfort of your own home? To ensure clean air in your home, getting an air purifier is a must. 

At ilet, we provide an air purifier with multiple filtering systems. This system provides four layers of air filtration thus ensuring fresh clean air in your homes. The first layer is an anti-bacterially treated pre filter to target larger particles in the air such as pet hair. The second layer the is a “Formaldehyde killer’ to filter targeting dusts, allergens and tiny particles. 

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With hazy conditions, this filter is great to tackle the problem in your home. A HEPA filter then targets smaller dust and tinier particles. This provides an additional filtration layer to combat the haze. Finally, an activated carbon filter is present to remove odour. 

The air purifiers we offer are sleek and can go well with any home. It is also silent and reaches an area of 40 – 50 metre square. This makes it perfect for living areas. 

For in room air purifiers or something for your car, we have the Airtec Aladdin Air Purifier from Korea! It is compact and uses a patented e-nano film filter. This allows it to trap dusts and smells efficiently. Furthermore, it has a reusable filter that is easy to clean. To clean the filter, simply use a vacuum or hand wash the filter. Once it’s dry, pop it back into the air purifier and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for a compact and quiet air purifier for smaller spaces, the Airtec Aladdin Air Purifier is a MUST have. You can purchase yours, via lazada here! Also, if you’re thinking of getting our larger air purifier to beat the Singapore haze, drop us an enquiry here or email us at! Alternatively, WhatsApp us here directly. Protect your loved ones today. 

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