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About ilet

The Renovation Specialist

Established in Oct 2014, ilet focuses on using our past engineering experiences to create and improve on today’s way of building maintenance and home renovation. We believe that today’s technology has yet to be optimized in the building maintenance and renovation sector. 

We hope to create and share our experiences with other maintenance contractors and professionals. We believe that it is through innovation and sharing that we can advance to the next level.

In October 2020, ilet Pte Ltd contributed to the fight against covid-19.

Founder - Sean Tan

Sean graduated from Nanyang Technology University in 2001. He then started working in a ACMV company and assisted in the first design, build and commissioning of electrical supply to buildings at Jurong Island.  After successfully completing the project, Sean was headhunted to ExxonMobil.  He spent 12 years in ExxonMobil and took on various positions such as Analyzer Supervisor, Reliablilty Engineer and Business Analyst in ExxonMobil.

Most prominently, he commissioned a new plant Analyzer which consisted of Sulphur Analyzers and Turbidity Analyzers. At that time, he also concurrently handled the most important pieces of equipment of RON and MON engine. He was proud to be the first engineer to get the RON and MON engine into specification and successfully implemented it after many failed attempts by others.

In those crucial years in ExxonMobil, he picked up technical knowledge in High Tension switch gears, troubleshooting, repairing and operating, performing motor analysis, SCADA system, process instrument from inline pressure, temperature, and mass flow meter to MOV. He also picked up skills in Oxygen Analyzer, Sulphur in Oil Analyzer, Sulphur in Diesel Analyzer, Opacity Analyzer, ABB Chromatographic Analyzer, Dissolve O2 Analyzer, Opacity Analyzer, and PH Analyzer etc.

Equipped with the vast engineering knowledge and inspiring experience, Sean decided to challenge himself by starting ilet Pte Ltd.  He wanted to apply all his engineering knowledge and skills to create innovative products and invent new ways of doing things in the construction industry. In his analysis and work experience, he discovered many areas waiting to be improved in this industrial sector. As an experienced and passionate engineer, he aspires to make a difference by starting a new career in this sector and continue to contribute innovative solutions to the construction industry.

During his free time, Sean also actively volunteers within the community. He spends his time volunteering with Toa Payoh South CC over a myriad of activities.