3 Reasons to Remove your Bathtub | Bathtub to Standing Shower Conversion

A bathtub at home is definitely a luxurious thing to have at home. It provides an area to relax and decompress from the long working day, ahh. It can even be useful when it comes to bath times for young kids and even pets.

With all this being said, is it worth-it to remove your bathtub? Should you consider this?

3 Reasons to Remove your Bathtub

  • Savings

Removing a bathtub can save a lot on water bills and the general household utilities. Depending on the size of the bathtub, water consumption can be extremely high as compared to a regular shower. You’d be surprised at how much the potential savings can be!

  • Ease of Access

Home with young children and the elderly will definitely benefit from this! With space at premium, removing your bathtub will create a more spacious bathroom area that’s accessible for all.  Installing a bathtub may be limiting for those handicapable, as it limits their accessibility to the shower area. Young children may also find it difficult to enter the bathtub due to the height of the tub.

  • Fuss-Free Cleaning 

Cleaning a bathtub can get slightly awkward due to the hard-to-reach areas, such as the corners of the bathtub. Comparatively, cleaning a standing shower area is relatively easy and all corners are accessible and easy to read. Cleaning is definitely made easier without a bathtub, as there no nooks and crannies to get to.

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Take a look at the bathtub removal we just completed! As the previous bathtub was built-in one, all the concerns listed above was a consideration point for the homeowner. Removing the bathtub allowed for easier access, fuss-free cleaning and also savings!

Completed after bathtub removal


During the bathtub removal process, we also installed a new waterproofing layer. This prevents leakage and ensures a well-sealed standing shower area.

If you’re considering to remove your bathtub for a standing shower, contact ilet for a quote today! Click to Get a quote or WhatsApp us today.

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