180 Degree Office Renovation at ARC 380

ARC 380 is a brand new grade “A” commercial building right at the junction of Jalan Besar. When passing by, it is impossible to miss the building as it stands out for its stunning architecture.

We recently completed a design and renovation work for a client in this building. While the views of the office were amazing due to the large surrounding windows, the unit was bare. Our client is the first tenant of that unit. It was also a daunting task as there are many details and requirements involved when renovating a grade “A” building. However, we’re proud to say that we managed to complete it flawlessly.

The work we did in the office took approximately two weeks to complete. However, more time was allocated for coordination of the electrical commissioning and electrical works. A full list of the work involved can be seen below.

What We Did

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Design and building of glass partition office with swing door
  • Electrical LEW commissioning
  • Installation of electrical outlets and lighting
  • Industrial look flooring Epoxy flooring
  • License plumber commissioning

Most of the budget went towards the electrical commissioning for the installation of the first power meter. This is the first 100A unit that we have installed. We’re extremely proud to say that the commissioning of power went smoothly and successfully.

One other high expense item in the budget went towards building the glass partition office. The glass partition office measures 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 metres. Building such a partition gives a sense of privacy while still being able to connect with other team members.

The black frames of the glass partition were left exposed for a modern and industrial look. This then complements the exposed ducts and electrical work that can be seen on the high ceiling and throughout the office.

Initially, our client wanted to keep the original flooring of the office the way it was; concrete. However, we advised him to go for an epoxy flooring instead as it is durable and easy to clean and maintain. We chose a grey epoxy colour so as to keep in line with the original colour of the concrete flooring. Not sure what epoxy is? Find out here.

AFTER – Full view of office with works done can be seen. Epoxy flooring, glass partition office and air conditioning and installed lights
AFTER – Glass partition office
AFTER – View from inside the office
AFTER – Attention to detail. Glass partition made at an angle so that it will line up nicely with the window frame
A portion of the floorplan showing the the detailed work of the glass partition
AFTER – View facing the opposite side of the office. Epoxy flooring can be seen clearly here
AFTER – Desks near the partition office

No matter the budget, you can still have a modern looking office. In addition, we have track records of quick turnarounds for projects ranging from Offices, Community Centre, Kindergartens, Service Apartments and Residential Units.

If you need a fuss free one stop service for your new property we have qualified Electrical LEW, License Plumber and we are also a HDB Approved Renovation Contractor. We’re the one stop solution to your needs. At ilet we believe in creating a dream that meets the client’s needs. Call us now, The Renovation Specialist to find out more. Drop us a service request here or email us sales@ilet.sg.


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